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Becoming a Sponsor 

Greetings All,

What an exciting year it has been for One Community United. With the generous support from our
community, we were able to provide positive engagement and action within our community. We are
once again inviting you to partner with us in 2023-2024 to assist with the work we are doing in Rome
and Floyd County.


One Community United continues to build institutional power through broad based organizing,
training and developing leaders to act on issues impacting families, currently with a primary focus on
improving education at our lower performing schools. Here are some highlights to show how those
dollars were used by OCU:

  • OCU leaders meet regularly with faith community leaders, school leaders, local business leaders, and elected officials.

  • During the Rome City School Board Elections, we held what we called a “Transparency Forum” with every candidate for the School Board. This event was held virtually and viewed by over 1,000 voters.

  • Organizer, Candice Spivey, has met with the new RCS Superintendent, Dr. Holland, and other school leaders to develop a group of volunteers and parents to support our elementary schools. The goal is to build a culture of high achievement, beginning with Main Elementary and Anna K. Davie Elementary.

  • OCU had a serious and thoughtful candidates forum in the spring of 2022 with our United States Congressional candidates.

  • To celebrate our newest national holiday, Juneteenth, we held a movie night where we opened the City Auditorium doors for a movie and discussion.

  • In the fall of this year, we had a return to the bridge for our annual One Table fundraising dinner.

  • We partnered with RIFF in showing the documentary, "Her Name Was Hester", with a discussion about listening and learning from the history of the Black community.

  • Most recently, OCU held a three-night event instead of one night, Hearts United Gathering (HUG), that invited all ages to experience insightful, empowering art and the message of Rev. Stephen Samuel.

  • In addition to our ongoing events, the young, professional adults who helped plan the art experience part of HUG are already planning more cultural events focusing on our young adult population and being more involved in community life in Rome. A Hispanic heritage event, Juneteenth Parade float, and new small groups.


The One Community United Board of Directors and our Organizer, Candice Spivey, are asking local
businesses and individuals to become a sponsor of all the OCU events from June 2023 to May 2024.
Sponsor levels are Platinum at $10,000, Gold at $5,000, Silver at $2,500 and Bronze at $1,00, Business
Supporter at $500 and Individual Supporter at $200. (*Please note the change from last year).
Thank you for all you do for our community and your consideration to sponsor the work of One
Community United.
Best wishes,

Cheryl Jenkins, Chair of Board

Candice Spivey, Organizer

One Community United (762) 726-7605

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