Bridging divides & bringing people together

We work through education, research, action planning, and intentional relationship building across divides,

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We are stronger together

Our Mission

One Community United seeks racial harmony and the melding of distinct and separate communities into a more united community. We seek a community where peace and harmony prevail, and fear and mistrust are dispelled.

We want to be a source of information and outreach to our communities through community events, dialogue and communications leading to improved relationships between communities and educational programs within communities.


Keep learning with books, movies, and more

Part of our mission is to empower you to reach across seemingly large divides & create meaningful relationships to better our communities. We’ve gathered this selection of resources to help you do just that. 

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Interested in joining us?

Ways to get involved

Join a Small Group

Anyone is welcome to join our small groups, where we gather once or twice a month to open a dialogue about systemic issues that affect our communities. 

Attend an Event

Our two annual events, Hearts United Gathering (HUG) and One Table, are beautiful examples of unity - eating together, learning together, and growing together. 

Make a Donation

If you choose to donate, you’ll support our annual educational events and contribute towards affecting policy and institutional change in areas such as public education and neighborhood improvement.


I’m so grateful for all the people who are on this journey

What we have learned, the friendships we have made, and the work we have done through meetings, educational events, One Table, and forming a non-profit are what keep me engaged and hopeful. 

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Contribute to One Community United

Get involved by joining a small group for discussions twice a month, attending one of our events, or contributing through donations.

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